The Magic of Inspiration

Most of us grew up hearing the fairy-tale story of “Jack and the Beanstalk” and how Jack traded the family cow for some magic beans.  Initially, it appeared that a con artist duped Jack, but the wealth he and his family obtained from this wild happenstance proved to be just what they needed.  The spirit of wanting something better and the yearning to take care of loved ones drove Jack to put aside fear and doubt in order to make his desire a reality.

Imagine the intense anxiety that Jack must have felt while climbing that huge beanstalk.  He had no idea where the climb would lead him or what he would discover once he arrived at his destination, but his determination was not swayed by apprehension.  He continued moving.  Even when he came face to face with the giant, he did not allow that humongous obstacle to stop him.  He had a purpose.

Jack’s motivation stemmed from basic survival needs – an attempt to purchase food and supplies and take care of his mother.  But once he began the long trek to the top of the beanstalk, his sense of adventure took over.  And, his aspirations became more than just basic needs.

Whether our motivation comes from family, occurrences, or hopes and dreams, it’s important to seek it out and maintain it.  We should fill our physical space and mind with objects, words, people, or experiences that help us to keep moving.  And once we hit our stride, keeping the momentum will become much easier.

From time to time, we can all use a little magic to get us started on the climb upward to our destiny or to pick us up and set us back on track.  But, fortunately for us, we don’t have to put ourselves in harms way to fulfill our goal.  We can simply click on our computers.

Our magic beans await us at the end of our mouse.  We only need to download free inspirational wallpapers to our personal computers.  There’s no need to climb large vegetation or escape the hunt of a giant ogre.  A plethora of free wallpapers with inspirational quotes are available for our use.

And once we’ve downloaded these magical wallpapers, a world of wisdom, emotions, guidance, riches, understanding, and soul-wrenching inspiration is bestowed on us.  Free inspirational wallpapers help us to find those golden eggs.  They sing beautiful chords of encouragement and enlightenment to our hearts.  Even if we run into giant problems, these inspirational thoughts will aid us in keeping on our path.

Having an inspirational thought of the day right in front of you can make the difference between climbing that beanstalk or not – taking a new path or remaining on the same one, giving up or moving on.  Inspiration is a powerful tool.  It can lead one to places that they never imagined.  A new realm of prosperity, ideas, venture, and success can be had.  AndFeature Articles, it’s all within our control to wield this type of motivation to suit our professional and personal needs.

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